From the Constitution and Bylaws, Public Construction Council, April 11, 1991

  • To promote and achieve a constructive relationship between the construction industry of British Columbia and the government ministries, agencies and Crown corporations operating within the Province of British Columbia.
  • To cooperate with all major public tendering authorities for the purpose of effectively scheduling public construction activity to achieve the fullest utilization of construction industry resources and to assist public sector owners to receive the broadest base of competitive bids,
  • To promote the use of uniform public sector contract documents and procedures that are easy to comprehend, workable and fair and reasonable,
  • To review and to make recommendations on tendering procedures and other industry practices as they develop,
  • To provide a regular meeting place for The Council to carry out its work,
  • To develop and disseminate information, consistent with The Council’s objects, to public purchasers of construction services, to the construction industry and to the public,
  • To provide a means by which its members may speak with a single authoritative voice in matters affecting publicly funded construction, and
  • To do all things necessary and incidental to achieve the objects of The Council.